Unrecognizable Face of Michaela Romanini after Plastic Surgery!

Not many people know a lot about Michaela Romanini, except her memorable face. She is a famous Italian socialite, similar to Paris Hilton in the United States. Romanini has apparently had some plastic surgery, and the most noticeable one is from her gigantic lips making her be in the list of worst celebrity plastic surgery. People cannot realize her in her before and after photos. Before knowing more about her plastic, let’s look at her current appearance first!

Michaela Romanini started having plastic surgery at a young age. As you can notice from the before and after photos, one of her favorite procedures was lip collagen injections. But the procedure went wrong and became like a drug to Romanini making her continue to get them and now she looks like an alien creature.

It is hard to believe that Romanini was such a gorgeous woman before making a bad decision to get plastic surgery. Now, she appears unrecognizable.

Beside her lip injections, she also got Boxtox. That’s the reason you cannot see any wrinkles on her face. See the following photos:

It can be said that celebrities are obsessed with plastic surgery. To struggle to look youthful and perfect, stars will do anything to become beautiful and stay perfect. But sometimes the results are unexpected and turn out less than desirable. In the case of Michaela Romanini, she ended up with bad result, her lips now look like another abuser - Donatella Versace!
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